Ventilation & Respirator Testing

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Low velocity smoke cloud pattern 0.1 to 1 cubic foot of smoke per squeeze RB-FP201
Medium velocity smoke cloud pattern 0.5 to 3 cubic feet of smoke per squeeze RB-FP202

Ventilation test smoke in a reliable and simple dispensing system. Non-hazardous powder is ideal for observing the movement of air and checking for positive and negative pressure areas.

Convenient pocket size bottles provide sufficient visible dust to test air flow direction at exhaust hoods, verify drafts in chimneys and flues, visualize exhaust hood performance and capture efficiency, as well as determining positive and negative pressure areas. Each squeeze provides about 1 cubic foot of visible smoke; for a larger smoke cloud, simply squeeze multiple times. Each bottle can generate up to 300 cubic feet or more of realistic smoke.

Unlike pyrotechnic smoke emitters, FP-Smoke requires no ignition source or flame to initiate the smoke. FP-SMOKE is available in various bottle sizes and nozzles, depending on your testing needs.

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RB-FP201, RB-FP202, RB-VFSD-10


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