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Bottle Pumps

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We offer a wide selection of bottle pumps in a variety of dispensing capacities and for most common bottle openings. All are compatible with D-Lead® Skin Cleaners, surface cleaners and laundry detergents, as well as many other liquids.

Pump sanitation information


ThumbnailDescription SKU WeightPriceQuantity
Bottle Pumps - DP980

Pump for 8 oz bottle

DP980 1 lbs $1.60
Bottle Pumps - DP960

Pump for 32 oz bottle
(1/16oz per stroke)

DP960 1 lbs $4.90
Bottle Pumps - DP780

Sprayer for 32oz bottle

DP780 1 lbs $1.20
Bottle Pumps - DP920

Pump for 1 gallon bottle
(1/8oz per stroke)

DP920 1 lbs $4.60
Bottle Pumps - DP925

Pump for 1 gallon bottle
(1/4 oz per stroke)

DP925 1 lbs $4.70
Bottle Pumps - DP940

Pump for 1 gallon bottle
(1oz per stroke)

DP940 1 lbs $5.10
Bottle Pumps - DP945

Pump for 1 gallon bottle
(1/2oz per stroke)

DP945 1 lbs $5.40
Bottle Pumps - DP380

Stainless steel pump for 1 gallon
(abrasive soaps)

DP380 2 lbs $69.50