History of ESCA Tech

ESCA Tech was founded in February, 1979 to assist lead processors in meeting the OSHA lead standard published in November, 1978. Initially, ESCA Tech provided consulting services to the major battery manufacturers, battery recyclers, lead chemical producers, their contractors and other companies in the business of processing and using lead, arsenic and cadmium. ESCA Tech implemented many effective lead and cadmium control programs in industry and taught respiratory protection, quantitative respirator fit testing and personal and industrial hygiene. Also provided were ventilation audits and design services for plant ventilation systems, HEPA recirculation systems and employee facilities. We did pioneering work in the recirculation of industrial exhaust air and the application of HEPA filters for controlling exposure to toxic dusts. We have been designers and distributors of HEPA filters for nearly 40 years.
In late 1983, ESCA Tech first offered Lead-Out as an improved skin cleaner for lead. The original formula used a high level of EDTA (a strong chelating agent). While it was a significant improvement in lead removal compared with the other skin cleaners available, the EDTA interfered with waste water treatment.
Continued research and testing resulted in the development of the first D-Lead® formula. We achieved a technical breakthrough in the high efficiency removal of metal powders and dust from surfaces without the use of chelates. Our original D-Lead® Hand Soap was first available in October 1989 and it incorporated high metal removal capacity, skin conditioners and emollients with waste water treatability. Continuous research and testing resulted in the development of the entire family of D-Lead® skin, surface and laundry cleaning products. During this time we developed our standard laboratory method to measure the efficiency of the removal of heavy metals from the skin and other surfaces. This achievement allowed us to implement quality control standards for all of our skin cleaners to meet a minimum lead removal efficiency of 99%.
After several years of development work, 1996 saw the release of the D-Wipe® Towel; a pre-moistened disposable wipe for the removal of lead and heavy metals to provide clean up when water was not available. It also achieved a metal removal rating in excess of 99%. In 1997 we introduced the D-Lead® Test Kit for lead dust. The D-Lead® Test Kit provides a nearly instant test for the presence of lead in areas known to contain lead, such as lead processors and firing ranges.
In 2002, we concluded an extensive review and improvement program for all of the D-Lead® formulas and were able to increase our minimum metal removal efficiency standard to 99.9%. Along with increasing the lead removal capacity of all of our products, we improved the mildness of all our skin cleaners.
In 2008, the Bullseye™ Drum Top Vacuum, a rugged industrial grade HEPA vacuum featuring continuous wet or dry pick up and 3-stage filtration was released. This design included provisions to minimize operator contact with the vacuumed dust during dust recycling steps and filter changes. We also conduct an In-Place Leak Test on every HEPA Vacuum prior to shipment in accordance with the Brookhaven National Laboratory Standard IH62350 “HEPA Filter Vacuum Cleaner Testing”. We also introduced a full line of vacuum tools, hose and accessories for use with portable vacuums and central vacuum systems.
The D-Lead® Paint Test Kit was validated by the EPA through their ETV* Testing Program and in 2010 was recognized for use when complying with the recently enacted Renovation, Remodeling and Painting (RRP) regulations. *Environmental Technology Verification Program: ETV Test Kits
ESCA Tech continues its Research and Development Programs to develop new products and procedures to help all our customers reduce exposures to hazardous materials. Let us know how we can help you.
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