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Wall mount dispensers provide a convenient way to dispense controlled amounts of skin cleaners in a sanitary manner.

Skin Cleaner Dispenser Sanitation Information

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Dispensers - DW402

Dispenser 2.5 liter
Stainless steel pump
Aluminium housing
Adjustable dosage
(2.3 to 5.7 mL)
1 bottle included

DW402 4 lbs $120.00
Dispensers - DW400

Locking Plate for DW402 Dispenser

DW400 1 lbs $36.00
Dispensers - B-S250038

Replacement 2.5 liter bottle for DW402 dispenser

B-S250038 1 lbs $3.60
Dispensers - DW403

Dispenser 1.5 liter
Trick Lock design
(not recommended for use with abrasive soap)

DW403 2 lbs $54.00