D-Lead® Test Kits for Metallurgical Lead Dust

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D-Lead Test Pads, 100 pads KT-100
D-Lead Pocket Test Kit (20 tests) Includes: Solution 1 & 2, 10 Test Pads KT-021
D-Lead Test Kit Solution 1 & 2 Only (120 tests) 4oz bottles- restock KT-001
D-Lead Test Kit (120 tests) Includes: Solution 1 & 2, 120 Test Pads, 20 D-Wipe Single Towels, Case KT-002
D-Lead Test Kit (800 tests) Includes: Solution 1 & 2 KT-024
D-Lead Pocket Test Kit (20 tests) Includes: Solution 1 & 2, 10 Test Pads (Case of 10 test kits) KT-020

The D-Lead® Dust Test Kit is a 2 step portable test for lead dust. They ship ready to use and are fast, simple, portable and provide immediate results. This kit will detect as little as 20 micrograms of lead and can be used to detect lead on the skin as well as on surfaces such as respirators, tools, clothing, towels, floors and shoes.

Use to:

  1. Promote better personal hygiene by checking for lead on hands after washing
  2. Check effectiveness of respirator cleaning procedures
  3. Check the effectiveness of housekeeping and cleaning procedures
  4. See if workers are taking lead home by testing the pedals, carpet and steering wheel in cars
  5. Forensic testing for lead from bullets

Test tables, chairs, vending machines, microwaves, key boards, phones, etc. for lead contamination. Use to check for lead contamination on shoes, roofs, equipment, sidewalks and roadways around the plant or firing range.

It is not suited for detecting lead chromate or lead in water, soil, paint, oil or gasoline.

D-Lead® Test Kit Information Sheet

D-Lead® Test Kit – A Test for Lead on Hands and Skin- video instructions

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KT-020, KT-021, KT-001, KT-002, KT-024, KT-1000, KT-S1000, KT-320, KT-100




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