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D-Lead® Surface Wipes

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D-Lead® Surface Wipes are large, 12″ x 9″ disposable wipes, pre-wet with D-Lead® Ready to Use Surface Cleaner for convenient lead and metal dust cleanup.

Wipes fit most standard mop heads. Use on window sills, walls, counter tops, cabinets and floors. Reduces post renovation cleaning time and clearance failures.

Meets U.S. EPA Wet Disposable Cleaning Cloth Definition. Useful for Post-Renovation Cleaning Verification.

For added coverage, re-wet with D-Lead® Ready to Use Surface Cleaner.

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D-Lead® Surface Wipes - PD-T048

D-Lead® Surface Wipes
48 towels/canister
Case of 8 canisters

PD-T048 16 lbs $116.80