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D-Lead® Final Clean™ 

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D-Lead® Final Clean™ is a mild surface cleaner that lifts and suspends lead and metal dust for fast and efficient one step cleaning of most water washable surfaces.

Use to clean tables, counter tops, porcelain, ceramic, metal surfaces, painted surfaces, floors, carpets and tile. Use as a spray and wipe or in pressure washers, pump up sprayers, floor scrubbers, sprayers and buckets. For best results recover cleaning solution with a wet vacuum cleaner.

Each gallon bottle of D-Lead® Final Clean™ Concentrate yields about 4-5 gallons of cleaning solution.

Contains phosphates. No added silicates

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D-Lead® Final Clean™  - 2201ES-12

D-Lead® Final Clean™ Concentrate
32 oz. bottle
Case of 12 bottles

2201ES-12 30 lbs $98.40
D-Lead® Final Clean™  - 2201ES-001

D-Lead® Final Clean™ Concentrate
1 gallon bottle

2201ES-001 9 lbs $26.00
D-Lead® Final Clean™  - 2201ES-4

D-Lead® Final Clean™ Concentrate
1 gallon bottles
Case of 4 bottles

2201ES-4 36 lbs $86.40
D-Lead® Final Clean™  - 2201ES-5

D-Lead® Final Clean™ Concentrate
5 gallon pail

2201ES-5 40 lbs $101.20
D-Lead® Final Clean™  - 2201ES-55

D-Lead® Final Clean™ Concentrate
55 gallon drum

2201ES-55 495 lbs $622.00