Boot Blaster Wet Shoe & Boot Cleaner

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Boot Blaster Wet Shoe & Boot Cleaner SB-922

The Boot Blaster removes dirt and contaminants from boot and shoe treads without removing your shoes or boots. Low pressure spray nozzles focus concentrated jets of water across the soles, while side towers reduce overspray and keep the tops of shoes and pant legs dry.

– Powered by water, no electricity needed
– Use fresh or recirculated water
– Clean up to 4 pair of shoes per minute
– Low average water usage, less than 1 liter per shoe
– Corrosion Resistant Construction
– Cleans virtually any size boot
– Small 9″ x 22″ foot print
– Stainless Steel Base Plate for secure mounting

Easy to Operate
(1) Place the shoe or boot to be cleaned on the Delrin support rollers
(2) Push and hold down valve handle
(3) Move foot back and forth over rollers until clean
(4) Release valve handle

Utility Requirements:

Standard garden hose (5/8″) with 30 – 60 psi water pressure

1 1/2″ ID hose for draining waste water.


Weight 13 lbs



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