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Beater Bar Tools & Wands

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ESCA HEPA Vac beater bar carpet tools 1.25″ (32mm) & 1.5″ (38mm)

Vacuum suction spins air turbine and brush for faster, easier and more complete pick up.

Wheels are set front and rear for solid stance. Wiper blade helps direct airflow, 11″ width. Removable bottom panel for easy cleaning.

ESCA beater bar carpet tools meet the specifications and requirements of the Lead Renovation, Repair and Painting Program (RRP) in 40CFR§745.85.

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Beater Bar Tools & Wands - VB-7028SS

1 piece
Telescopic 25″ to 39″
Stainless Steel
1/4″ Friction Fit

VB-7028SS $29.69
Beater Bar Tools & Wands - VB-29A138

2 pieces
54″ w/ button lock
1/2″ Friction Fit

VB-29A138 $36.62
Beater Bar Tools & Wands - VB-20C1

1 piece
Chrome Steel
1/4″ Friction fit

VB-20C1 $52.90
Beater Bar Tools & Wands - VB-913

11″ width
Wheels set front & rear
Removable bottom panel
1 1/4″ Friction fit

VB-913 $84.70
Beater Bar Tools & Wands - VB-91350

11″ width
Wheels set front & rear
Removable bottom panel
1 1/2″ Friction fit

VB-91350 $84.70