CoVid 19 Skin Care

The CDC recommends washing with soap and water for at least 20 seconds and only recommends hand sanitizers when the skin is not visibly dirty and soap and water is not available. All of the D-Lead® Skin Cleaners meet the CDC recommendation. ncov/prepare/prevention.html.

For optimum lead and metal removal with D-Lead® Skin Cleaners, we recommend a minimum 20 second wash and a 15 second rinse.

Why 20 seconds for Hand Wash?



With regard to Hand Sanitizers – they are regulated as drugs by the US FDA. Disinfectants, Virucides, Mildewstats, Fungicides and Laundry Sanitizers are regulated by the EPA. While there is a protocol in place for joint registration of EPA regulated and FDA regulated products, to the best of our knowledge it has never been successfully navigated by anyone for a Hand Sanitizer – Disinfectant. The only product we have encountered with a joint FDA-EPA registration was for a combination sunscreen and insect repellant. If you need that this summer, we can get you in touch with them.

  • Sanitize means a 1,000:1 reduction in microorganisms
  • Disinfect means a 10,000:1 reduction in microorganisms

March 31, 2020, updated April 30, 2020

Dan Askin Technical Director

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