ESCA Tech Product Catalog | Ph: (414) 962 - 5323 | ESCA TECH, INC. Personnel Vacuum Sta�on, Ven�la�on Tes�ng and Boot Blaster™ BULLSEYE WET & DRY HEPA VAC 1-877-532-5323 TM 15 For medium velocity air, 0.5 to 2 � plume For low velocity air, 0.1 to 1.5 � plume RB-FP202 RB-FP201 Descrip�on Product No. Polyethylene Utility Tool, 1.5 X 4" (2) 1.5" Swivel Hose Cuff (4) 2 to 1.5" Hose Cuff (1) 2" Swivel Hose Cuff (1) 2" Hose X 10 Ft (1) 1.5" Hose X 10 Ft (2) 1.5" 'Y' Adapter (1) Tool Storage & Shut Off (2) VB-319 VB-150ESF VB-20150E VB-200ES VB-2G50-MR VB-15G10-MR VB-150Y DW-TH Descrip�on Product No. Directed nozzles spray jets of water across sole of shoes washing away dirt & contaminants NO ELECTRICITY NEEDED! Cleans up to 4 pairs of shoes per minute Wet Shoe Cleaner Easy To Operate Size: 9 x 20 Inches SB-922 - BOOT BLASTER™ WET SHOE CLEANER Non-irrita�ng Non-toxic One quick squeeze provides enough smoke to map air flow at exaust hoods, doors, supply grilles, laminar flow diffusers as well as test for duct leaks. VENTILATION TEST SMOKE VENTILATION TESTING For informa�on on our complete line of Vacuum Sta�on components Please call: (414) 962-5323 (Parts may be purchased individually) VACUUM STATION COMPONENTS: - Shown with Bullseye Drum Top Vac - Custom solutions are available DRUM TOP VAC PERSONNEL VACUUM STATION PN: VA-DTPVS The personnel cleaning sta�on allows workers to easily clean dust, powders and debris off their work clothes. The vacuum sta�ons can be easily a�ached to a Bullseye™ Drum Top HEPA Vac or a central vacuum system. PERSONNEL VACUUM STATIONS VACUUM STATIONS ™